The next seminar is on October 24, 2017 at the Davis Conference Center (RTP HQ) 12, Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. More information will be forthcoming soon!

The Looking Glass Executive Seminar Series

Do you feel that your business is in a rut? Are you scared of the way technology is changing rapidly and concerned that your product may be obsolete soon? Are you concerned that you do not know how to effectively utilize new graduates?

Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC is pleased to announce a series of seminars for C-level executives who are interested in moving their businesses to the next level.  The series of seminars are entitled “The Looking Glass Series.” We will show you how to go from ruts to relevance to results! Risks associated with expanding the business as well as risks associated with staying the course will be discussed. The seminars will provide practical information that C-level executives can use.

The theme of the first series of seminars is entitled “Leveraging Change and Accelerating Growth.” Currently, we are seeing unprecedented changes occurring rapidly. Businesses must be nimble and adapt quickly to these changes, which are happening across the world. Change can be embraced and leveraged to accelerate growth rather than be feared. This first seminar will provide techniques to lay the foundation for facing change.

The seminar speakers include: Dr. Hugh O’NeillAssistant Dean of the Keenan-Flager School of Business at UNC, Wendy Coulter, CEO and President of Hummingbird Creative Group, Olalah Njenga, CEO, Yellowwood Group, Gary Tomlinson, CEO of Tomlinson and Associates, Paul Immanuel, CEO of Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC, Greg Marvin, a noted operational and financial business expert, Jeff Krukin, a noted specialist on new business development, Jason Botts, CIO of Chiltern International, and Jay Vadakkeveedu, a Principal at Prism Global Services. Several of the speakers are members of the North Carolina Executive Round Table, a prestigious organization that provides opportunities for senior executives to collaboratively learn from each other.

The seminars are broken up into three half- days. The first day (April 21) we focus on understanding where we are relative to the marketplace and technology. The second day (May 4) we focus on knowing the customer and the challenges that cause pain points. On the final day (May 18) we bring it all together with creating strategy and talking about execution.

On the first day, Dr. O’Neill will kickoff the series, asking, “Are you trying not to lose, or are you trying to win?” The focus will be on an inward look through “The Looking Glass.” Jason Botts will then focus on understanding how to look at change. Greg Marvin will talk about staying on top of key performance indicators. Entitled, “Know Your 5”, the value proposition of his talk is “What are the five data points you need to know today to ‘crush it’ tomorrow?”

The second day will begin with an address by Wendy Coulter on the importance of clearly understanding your customers’ needs, attitudes and behaviors. Gaining insight from customers and strategically using that insight to anticipate change, earn customer loyalty, build brand advocacy, craft effective messaging and close more business deals are the keys to building the value of your company.

Paul Immanuel will focus on helping executives in their interactions with customers. Capturing customer requirements are never easy since most customers do not talk about their real concerns but only imply them or assume that you understand what they are saying. One must read between the lines to understand their pain points.

Next, Wendy Coulter will share her lessons learned regarding embracing change and adapting to the changing needs of her clients. She will share how she has had to change the customer’s perspective of her business–and marketing in general, in order to build and maintain a sustainable branding agency over the past 22 years. Next, Jeff Krukin and Jay Vadakkeveedu, will be speaking about developing new opportunities in a globally changing world.

On the third and final day of the seminar series, we will tie everything together by focusing on building a strategy and executing. Olalah Njenga’s presentation is entitled “Bridging the Strategy/Execution Gap.” Her point is that Strategy is a verb, not a noun: stop thinking “It’s done,” and then shoving it in a drawer. Gary Tomlinson will focus on “Discovering Execution–The Key to Building High Performance Organizations.”

Paul Immanuel will wrap up the seminars with a summary of takeaway points.

We believe that this series will be valuable to the local business community; thus, we are offering the series for a nominal price of $65, merely to cover the logistical cost of the three-part seminars. We want to keep the investment small; however, the experts in the group will be available for follow-up meetings and additional discussion.

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